Tents of a Covenant Culture

"At your word, Lord" – and Peter again set out onto the lake contrary to all his experience. To his surprise he brought in a rich haul of fish.

In 1914 Fr Kentenich invited a group of young men to set off on an equally daring enterprise: to live in a covenant with God and the Blessed Mother, to live creatively and form a Christian world; it was a way of love and trust: a covenant of love.

It was the start of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement. In it a lifestyle developed that set its stamp on many individuals and communities. A covenant culture developed and spread to many countries around the world, bringing forth rich fruits.

The "Tents of a Covenant Culture" describe these fruits and aim at creating a network of intiatives. We hope to receive the synergy effect as a "grace of 2014", which will strengthen Schoenstatt for the second century of its history and offer the Church new perspectives for the future.

In this catalogue you will find some examples of this worldwide reichness of life.

The Teams of the Covenant Tents

Family, Youth, Pedagogy, Church, Society